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A little about me

My name of course is John Paul Urizar and my passion is to handcraft light in order to create stunning professional photography that excites the imagination of a viewer. I enjoy spending the right amount of time and effort to truly elevate a photo to be taken of a plate of food, a new menu or a location. 

As one of Australia’s leading professional photographers, I have been fortunate to create images for some of the worlds leading household brand names. You may have seen my photos used in advertising, magazine editorial, cookbooks or even biographies. 

Most people will know me for my food photography.


My photography style

My signature style individually demonstrates the beautiful use of lighting and a simplistic approach that ensures every photo creates an emotional reaction. It is why brands such as Gourmet Traveller, Selector, Domayne, Australian Women’s Weekly, Home Beautiful and Australian House & Garden have regularly engaged my services over the years. 

Equally, I have worked with many of Australia’s leading advertising agencies, food stylists and public relations firms who have required high quality, professional photos of food, people, locations or lifestyle scenarios. I love working with people & helping them bring their ideas to life with photography & videography.

I just love creating stunning images.

A photography studio in Sydney

My studio is conveniently located in Alexandria in Sydney, New South Wales, with plenty of space to create all types of imagery with all the right equipment on hand. I can just as easily take photos on location indoors or outdoors as well as travel interstate for a project.

I have a relaxed, measured approach to planning a photography session where I offer my consultation together with a blend of technical skills that will enable us to be creative together. I specialise in food photography but can also capture lifestyle situations, interiors, portraits and advertising images to bring a creative brief to life to satisfy multiple requirements. 

I can take photos anywhere in Australia.

What others have said

Those who work with me will describe me as being meticulous about the finer details, enthusiastic about taking the time to craft an image to be beautiful and delivering elegance. You get to work closely with me every step of the way from the initial brief to both pre and post-production using my extensive 30 years of experience.

Contact me to have an initial discussion

Choosing a professional photographer

Finding a professional photographer in Australia can feel daunting, but I will make it really easy for you. My focus is to help you create stunning food, commercial or advertising photos that reach an incredibly high standard. Although we’ll do this together in an easy to manage, seamless way that helps you nail the brief first time around. It is why I have my own photography studio, we can experiment, play with ideas & create the perfect set of photos.

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