House & Garden – Outdoor Furniture

HG1113p057_decor HG1113p060_decor HG1113p058_decor HG1113p061_decor

Here are a few images from my latest outdoor furniture shoot for Australian House & Garden. This shoot was epic in many ways. As a photographer shooting on location you always have to be ready for all situations. On this shoot we had rain, wind and sun all within a couple of hours. We had great team on this shoot, Janet James the style director had all her troops ready to strip each set in and out of the rain at a moments call. I use my technical 6 x9 camera to achieve the perfect rise and falls on certain images and also the use of my broncolor lights. The opening shot to the story was shot in the evening on the first day. The flash creates a beautiful hi key look with beautiful shadows which shows off the architectural quality of the pieces of furniture.

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